Image Analysis Made Easy

Method-Driven Results

Lumaquant is a revolutionary image analysis software based on DRVision’s Aivia that gives you expert results. The software comes with many image analysis workflows called recipes that cover a broad range of applications from whole cells to subcellular particles.  And no image processing experience required!


Lumaquant combines powerful image analysis solutions, impressive visualizations, and intuitive editing tools in a single software package to help you analyze your images quickly and easily.  There are no complicated toolboxes to learn and no codes to compile – simply load your images, select a recipe to run, and get results.

Feature Highlights

Lumaquant comes with a number of important features not found in other software packages.  Even more, the preconfigured image analysis recipes provide easy-to-use presets and excellent preview options that allow you to work with your images and make changes quickly and easily. 

Current recipes include:

Neurite Outgrowth

Filament Tracking

Colony Analysis

Phase Cell Tracking

Exocytosis Detection

Cell Tracking

Cell Proliferation

Cell Counting

Calcium Oscillation

Particle Tracking

Nuclei Tracking

Nuclei Counting

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