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Lumascopes can be used in practically any application where a standard inverted (and many upright) microscopes are used. Most of the applications below involve cells but Lumascopes can also image beads and other materials.

Time-lapse video of HT1080 cells expressing cell cycle proteins on an LS600; provided by Alex Zambon, Keck Graduate Institute (see Video Gallery for more info)

Live cell imaging

See Etaluma – Cardiac Myocytes Undergoing Division

Cell growth and confluence

See Time Lapse Video of MSC in 2D Cell Culture

Cell migration and wound healing

See Cell Migration & Wound Healing Application Note
See Migration of MSC in 2D Cell Culture

Cell cycle protein expression

See Human HT1080 Fibrosarcoma Cells with LS600

Use of micro-environmental systems

See Bioptechs products on Etaluma LS500

Calcium assays

GCAMP5 activity in a sensory neuron

Determining transfection efficiency

See HUVEC Transfection Optimized with Cytofect™ Kit

In Vitro Exercise Model

Cultured skeletal muscle myotubes are electrically stimulated under hypoxic conditions and with temperature manipulations. Cell signal transduction dynamics are measured using proteomic techniques to help understand how exercise stressors are translated into fitness-promoting adaptions such as increased mitochondria. Probe in photo measures PO2 in the cell medium rather than in the atmosphere. LS620 allows visualization of contracting cells and assessment of their health.

Thank you to Dr David Clarke and his lab, Laboratory for Quantitive Exercise Biology, Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, Canada

Behavior of stem cells

See Etaluma-Human Neural Stem Cells in Culture 1
See Etaluma-Human Neural Stem Cells in Culture 2
Also see reattachment of neuronal stem cells passaged with Accutase (scroll down to see video)

Cell death assays

See Lumascope – BF Cell Death

Apoptosis induction

Spheroid development and behavior

See 3D Spheroid Formation of MSC
See Spheroid-Migration of MSC in a PEG-Fibrinogen Hydrogel

Cultivation of yeast

See Cultivation of S. cerevisiae in Core-Shell Microcapsules

Intravital studies

See Series: Neutrophil migration intravital mouse imaging

Study of lower eukaryotes

See Mosquito larva on Etaluma

Photomicroscopy in locations without AC power

See Lumascope with 20x at Boiling Springs Lake

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