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Technical Resources

Technical Information

Etaluma’s inverted LS microscopes (Lumascopes) constitute a dramatic new concept in solid-state optics with outstanding sensitivity, maximum resolution, and zero pixel shift. The topics below show how our LS Microscopes have a constellation of features not found on other microscopes.  Check back again as we will continue to add more information.

No Pixel Shift.  Explanation of Etaluma’s solid state optics.

Compatible Fluorophores.  Fluorophores that can be used with the 3-color LS720, LS620, and LS600 Microscopes.

Deconvolution: Software Confocal.  Information about deconvolution and how Microvolution’s software is 100X faster than conventional approaches.  Etaluma has partnered with Microvolution and now offers this powerful software for use with our LS Microscopes.

LS720 with Phase Constrast

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