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LS850 Microscope

The LS850 offers a whole new world of automated microscopy.

Lumascope LS850

Blue, Green, and Red Fluorescence and Walk-Away Automation

Powerful, new LS850 Microscope is the latest generation of our fully automated three-channel flagship model and offers the latest advances in optics, cameras, throughput, and user flexibility. . The LS850 improves the image quality, motion speed, illumination, and software flexibility over the previous LS720 model. Exquisite XY motion control, motorized focus that allows autofocus and z-stacks, and easy-to-configure software combine to facilitate your automated microscopy experiments.

The LS850 in your incubator allows you to have a live cell imaging system that offers minimum photo toxicity and the most stable environment for long term imaging. Whether imaging multiple fields in your flasks or 1536 wells of cells with 3 fluorophores in a multi-day time-lapse, the LS850 offers a whole new world of walk-away automated microscopy!

Features and Benefits

Lumascope LS850 In Incubator
  • Images, tiled images, Z-stacks, time-lapse series, and videos recorded directly to your computer
  • Bright field and phase contrast transmitted illumination
  • LED excitation and high performance optics provide near diffraction-limited (theoretical maximum) resolution
  • Multi-OS software allows set-up and control across any locations, including microplates, microfluidic chips, slides, dishes, flasks, and deck-top chambers and custom arrays
  • High speed stage with single digit micron precision
  • Long range motorized Z for autofocus and Z-stacks down to 100 nm
  • Compact and robust design enables use inside cell culture hoods, incubators, hypoxic chambers, and gloveboxes
  • Detects blue, green and red fluorophores, including common probes such as Hoechst, DAPI, FITC, Fluo-4, GFP, Texas Red & mCherry GFP
  • Open source Python control code available
  • Objective compatibility with standard lenses and available with optional automated 4-objective turret

Like all of microscopes, the LS850 utilizes a Semrock Brightline® Pinkel filter set optimized for 405 nm, 488 nm, and 590 nm LED light sources. The 7-filter set is comprised of excitation filters, dichroics, and an emission filter. The LS850 use a 12 bit monochrome CMOS sensor.

The new LS800 series microscopes are equipped with a low profile, multimodal illuminator that was developed in collaboration with Cairn Research Ltd (based on Aura/Aura Pro™ phase contrast illuminator, based on work by Dr Kevin Webb, Optics & Photonics Research Group, University of Nottingham: Webb, Kevin F. “Condenser‐free contrast methods for transmitted‐light microscopy.” Journal of microscopy 257.1 (2015): 8-22.

Excitation and Emission Profiles of LS850 filters

Semrock 620 chart
3-color low mag 280
LS850 Microscope Specifications
LED Excitation:405 nm, 488 nm, and 589 nm
Fluorescence Filters:Blue: Excitation 370-410 nm, Emission 429-462 nm
Green: Excitation 473-491 nm, Emission 502-561 nm
Red: Excitation 580-598 nm, Emission 612-680 nm
Transmitted Modes:Bright Field, Phase Contrast
Objectives:1.25x, 2.5x, 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 60x, and 100x(oil)
Camera:High Sensitivity Monochrome CMOS BSI Sensor; 5 MP 12-Bit
Image Formats:JPG, BMP, TIF, or PNG
Image Size:Adjustable up to 2100 x 2100 pixels
Video Rates:25 FPS (exposure limited)
Automated XY Stage:120 mm x 80mm travel, 1-3 micron positional repeatability
Throughput:96-well, 3 channel fluorescence, w/o autofocus - 6 minutes 30 seconds
Motorized Z:14mm travel, 100 nm step, image-based autofocus, Z-stacks
Control Software:LumaviewPro, multi operating system application
Computer Requirements:Windows 10, 11; Core i7, 512TB SSD, 8GB
RAM MacOS with M1; 512TB SSD, 8GB RAM
Linux Debian Distributions:512TB SSD, 8GB RAM
Power Requirements:80-264 V, 50-60 Hz 10W typical, 40W Max
Integration:Python source under the MIT Open Source License
Dimensions:39.8 cm W x 29.7 cm D x 29.7 cm H
[15.6 in W x 11.6 in D x 11.6 in H]
Weight:10 Kg/22lbs
Operating Conditions:0°C - 42°C, 5% - 95% RH non-condensing
Lumascope 850 Objective

Uses commercial microscope objectives

Lumascope 850 Aura Phase

Multi-mode transmitted illumination technology

Lumascope 850 Turret 6 Motor Rotated

Optional motorized  4-position turret

Lumascope 850 LV Pro GUI preview

LumaviewPro application runs on Windows, Mac and Linux

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