Software for Lumascope Operation

Be sure to use the version that matches your Lumascope model. Depending on your Windows Operating System, you may be prompted to update .NET.

Startup User Guides for Lumascopes

Software for Image Analysis

Other User Guides

Open Source Python Code

Brochure Downloads

Etaluma Publications

  • Publication in Laboratory Equipment – Burdg LaboratoryEquipment 2016 PDF (0.7 MB)
    Article published in Jessica Burdg, Contributing Science Writer (2016) Automated Microscopy in Hypoxic Environments: Does This Change Everything? LabEquip June, 2016, 26-27.
  • Kahle et al. Lumascope Poster at Neuroscience 2010 – Kahle SocNeurosci Poster 2010 PDF (1.4 MB)
    Lumascope: an Inexpensive, Compact, Sturdy USB-Based Inverted Fluorescence Microscope.
  • Baker Ruskinn SCI-tive Brochure – SCI-tive Brochure_PDF (1.8 MB)
    Information on the SCI-tive hypoxia workstation for low oxygen “in vivo” conditions, including their use with Lumascopes.
  • Publication in JALA – Kahle et al JALA 2010 PDF (0.5 MB)
    Article published in the Journal of Laboratory Automation on the development of the LumaScope. Kahle J, Levin R, Niles W, Rasnow B, Schehlein M, and Shumate C. (2010) An inexpensive simple-to-use inverted fluorescence microscope: a new tool for cellular analysis. JALA Oct 15(5):355-361.
  • Publication in American Laboratory – Kahle Amer Lab 2011 PDF (0.6 MB)
    Article published in American Laboratory. Kahle, J, Levin, R, Niles, W, Rasnow, B, Schehlein, M, and Shumate, C. (2011) Applications of a compart, easy-to-use inverted fluorescence microscope. Am Lab, Nov/Dec, 2011.
  • Publication on Time-Lapse of Neural Stem Cells – Niles 2013 Stem Cells Handbook PDF (0.9 MB)
    Niles, WD, Wakeman, DR, and Snyder, EY. (2013) Growth Dynamics of Fetal Human Neural Stem Cells. Stem Cells Handbook, Sell, S (Ed), Springer Science+Business Media, New York, 75-89.
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