Microvolution Deconvolution Software

Etaluma has partnered with Microvolution to take advantage of Microvolution’s powerful GPU-based deconvolution algorithms.  The Microvolution software offers a powerful solution for providing confocal-like images from widefield optics without the cost, complexity, and technical drawbacks of confocal microscopy. 

Microvolution software delivers nearly instantaneous deconvolution by combining intelligent software programming with the power of a GPU.  Using this software, Etaluma customers can achieve what is now referred to as “Software Confocal” images for microscopy-based assays, including live cell assays performed within incubators and hypoxia chambers. “

Developed by Stanford scientists, the Microvolution Deconvolution Software will allow you to:

  • Work more effectively in dim light and realize greater success rates with live-cell and time-lapse experiments
  • Create cleaner measurements after deconvolution (e.g., colocalization, FRET data, neurite lengths, fluorescence intensities)
  • Make adjustments to your microscopy experiments on the fly and collect more data from the same sample.

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For more information about Microvolution Deconvolution Software, visit www.microvolution.com.