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What’s New in Custom Microscopy

LS720 with Phase Constrast
Here are 5 things that make a big difference in how you design an imaging system:
1.  Compact Optics for Sensitivity and Resolution
LS720 with Phase Constrast
A short optical path with fewer lenses and filters makes a big difference in brightness and maintaining near diffraction-limit resolution.  Multi band pass filters eliminate moving parts and pixel shift between channels.  Flexible choice of cameras for digital image collection in composite, video, and time-lapse modes.
2.  Multi-Headed Microscopes for Speed and Flexibility
LS720 with Phase Constrast
Now you can combine multiple fluorescence imaging modules for radical next-gen designs.  Increase throughput, colors, or objectives with Etaluma’s compact microscope modules.
3.  Multiple Cameras on the Same Imaging Module
LS720 with Phase Constrast
The cost and size of modern CMOS cameras has allowed simultaneous capture of images from a single microscope.  Image in two emissions simultaneously or increase overall functionality.
4.  Move the Microscope or Move the Sample
LS720 with Phase Constrast
LS720 with Phase Constrast
We now offer custom solutions where the platform can move the microscope beneath the sample OR move the sample over the microscope.
5.  Powerful LED Illumination Control
LS720 with Phase Constrast
Controls up to six LED channels with high speed switching, thousands of illumination levels and direct triggering for LED synchronization.  Allows Pulse Width Modulation and direct current control, and tolerates 55 C, 5% – 95% relative humidity.

    Solid-state optics in which the 3 channels turn on consecutively
    Etaluma’s Proprietary Optics Engine (photo above)

    An entire 3-color fluorescence microscope in the palm of your hand! Or in your instrument’s hardware.  Important features:

    • Solid-state channel switching with no moving parts and no pixel shift
    • Uses multi-bandpass filter sets from Semrock or Chroma
    • Etaluma’s high resolution, near diffraction-limited optics
    • 4-inch light path with high photon capture
    • C-mount for use of newer generation USB3 cameras (see below)
    • Now configured with an LED controller for fine control of LED illumination (see below)
    • Compatible with RMS-threaded, infinity corrected, 45 mm parfocal distance objectives (or other objectives with adaptors)

    Contact us to configure these near diffraction-limited optics to your own specifications.

    Solid-state optics in which the 3 channels turn on consecutively
    Choice of Fluorescence Wavelengths

    Our standard Optics Module detects the following:

    • Blue (e.g., Dapi):  Excitation 370-410 nm; Emission 429-462 nm
    • Green (e.g., FITC):  Excitation 473-491 nm; Emission 502-561 nm
    • Red: (e.g., Texas Red):  Excitation 580-598 nm; Emission 612-680 nm

    We have built other color combinations as well including those for Cy3 and Cy5.  Let us know what you need.

    Dual Camera Optics Modules – Capture 2 Emissions From 1 Excitation

    Addition of image splitter

    Image splitter plus mirror to give

    New XYZ Automation Platform
    • Moves optics under samples
    • Large sample area
      • Microscope slides, microplates, flasks, custom chips, mixed labware
    • Removable labware tray
    • Appropriate XY precision
    • Robust autofocus
    • Goes into incubators
    • Other options
      • Turret
      • Barcode scanner
      • Wide range of dimensions
    Motorized Focus for Autofocus
    • Several options available
    • Cam driven by stepper motor or lead screw design
    • High precision
    • Able to autofocus repeatedly at same location
    • Used with image-based autofocus algorithm
    • Wide range of dimensions
    Multi-Head Microscope/Imager

    Move multiple modules under samples

    • More colors
    • Multiple magnifications
    • Multiple cameras, e.g., monochrome & color
    • Faster imaging

    Only possible with Etaluma’s compact optics!

    Newer Generation CMOS Cameras
    • USB3 or GigE, C-mount connection
    • High bit-depth (≥ 12)
    • Fast frame rates
    • Rolling or global shutter
    • More sensor choices
    • Better performance & multi-platform
    Etaluma’s New LED Controller

    Fine Illumination Control

    • 6 LED channels
    • High speed
    • Thousands of illumination levels
    • Direct triggering for LED synchronization
    • PWM and direct current control
    • Multi-platform
    • Small form-factor (over 3X smaller than OTS units)
    • Tolerates 55 C, 5%-95% relative humidity, noncondensing
    More Optics Module Customization
    • Shorter optics module (< 80 mm)
    • Mirror block under objective
    • Multiple applications where instruments have restricted Z height
    Private-label Microscopes

    Market your own microscope with your name displayed. Specialized software can allow you to optimize your customer’s experience. We can handle the labeling or ship them to you for finishing. We can also drop ship them to your customers.

    Lab on a Tip Application

    Complete overhead clearance allows plumbing, micromanipulators, compact incubator chambers, and perfusion experiments. Add reagents while recording live video.

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