Etaluma and Microvolution Announce Partnership on Deconvolution

Jul 25, 2017 | Press Releases

Etaluma and Microvolution Announce Partnership on Real Time Image Deconvolution

July 25, 2017 – (Carlsbad, CA) Today Etaluma and Microvolution announced a strategic partnership that combines the power of imaging by Etaluma’s next generation inverted fluorescence LS Microscopes (Lumascopes) and Microvolution’s powerful GPU-based deconvolution algorithms.  Together these products provide a “Software Confocal” mode for microscopy-based assays and especially live cell assays performed within incubators and hypoxia chambers.  “Microvolution’s software offers a powerful solution for providing confocal-like images from widefield optics without the cost, complexity, and technical drawbacks of confocal microscopy,” said Chris Shumate, PhD, CEO of Etaluma.  “Etaluma’s high resolution fluorescence LS Microscopes offer a simplified approach to live cell imaging specifically and research microscopy in general.  Adding Microvolution to the Etaluma system will enable users to further improve resolution in the LS line of inverted fluorescence microscopes,” offered Marc Bruce, PhD, CEO of Microvolution.

About Microvolution, LLC.

Microvolution is an innovator in the deconvolution space.  Upon launching the first GPU accelerated deconvolution algorithm in 2014, Microvolution jump-started the revolution in deconvolution microscopy.  Microvolution’s software is up to 200x faster than classical methods, allowing for near real-time deconvolution.  Further, it works more effectively in dim light including live-cell and time-lapse experiments, creates cleaner measurements, and allows the user to makes adjustments on the fly so the maximum amount of data can be captured.  Microvolution’s software takes no mathematical shortcuts and thus provides the most accurate images.  For more information, visit

About Etaluma, Inc.

Etaluma’s fluorescence LS microscopes (Lumascopes) constitute a dramatic new concept in solid-state optics with high sensitivity, maximum resolution (near diffraction-limited), and zero pixel shift.  Power, control, and image capture occur via a USB connection to a PC and includes time-lapse and live videos.  Providing true next-gen microscopy, the compact, inverted design allow imaging in a wide range of labware and settings, including live cell imaging in incubators, hoods, and hypoxia chambers.  Etaluma newest product, the LS720, automates the LS620 3-color optical platform with an automated XY stage and autofocus, combining high resolution cell imaging with high content microscopy at an affordable price.

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