Etaluma Announces the Opening of New Facilities

Sep 1, 2009 | Press Releases

Etaluma Announces the Opening of New Facilities

September 1, 2009 – (Carlsbad, CA) Etaluma, Inc. announced their move into a site within the biotech enclave of Carlsbad. The new facility offers a full cell biology and applications development lab. “We are excited to expand our ability to meet the requirements of our product development efforts.” said Dr. Chris Shumate, President and CEO of Etaluma. “This high quality laboratory, R&D, and administrative space will allow us to continue to grow and expand our product offerings.”

The move comes following the formation of Etaluma in January. The new facility will provide the space needed to accommodate Etaluma’s development of lower cost, simplified bio-analytical tools.

According to Shumate, “Etaluma’s products provide the three most important accessibility traits of lower cost, ease of use, and reduced size and portability. The first product, a low-cost inverted fluorescence microscope, will be launched later this year.”

The new address is:
1914 Palomar Oaks Way, Suite 150
Carlsbad, CA 92008
Phone: 760.298.CELL (2355)

Etaluma, Inc. is a privately funded technology company headquartered in North San Diego County. Etaluma is focused on bringing analytical and diagnostic instrumentation to a greater spectrum of users by decreasing the cost and complexity of these devices and encouraging the development of applications for their use. The primary goal and challenge for Etaluma’s diverse team of scientists and engineers is to implement these powerful core technologies in cost-effective formats, thereby extending their availability beyond well-funded laboratories. Moreover, Etaluma is actively looking to provide hardware to reagent and kit manufacturers who want to expand their market into the economics of smaller labs, individual researchers, and third-world settings.

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