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A dramatic new concept in simple, low cost, and accessible fluorescence microscopy. Lumascopes allow you to visualize and capture high resolution images comparable to those from traditional, high-cost microscopes.

  • Fluorescence, brightfield, optional phase contrast
  • Photos, time-lapse series and videos
  • Live cell imaging inside incubators and hoods
  • Microplates, slides, flasks, dishes and custom labware
  • Power and control via USB from your computer
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High Resolution


Representative Lumascope 600-series 3-Color Fluorescence Image: Bovine pulmonary artery endothelial cells showing nucleic (DAPI), α-tubulin (BODIPY FL), and F-actin (Texas Red-X) (Molecular Probes FluoCells® slide #2, Olympus 40x objective)


Video of Cell Cycle Proteins in Fibrosarcoma Cells: Human HT1080 cells expressing and releasing Cell Cycle Proteins, visualized using the Etaluma Phase Contrast Accessory while at 37 C in an incubator. Video provided by Alex Zambon, Keck Graduate Institute, and generated using Lumaquant software from Stanton Biosciences.

Watch for the new Lumascope 720 to be released in 2015!

3-color fluorescence with auto-stage and auto-focus