Release of New LS Microscopes LS520 and LS420

Feb 15, 2017 | Press Releases

Etaluma Announces Release of New LS Microscope (Lumascope) Models LS520 and LS420

February 15, 2017 – (Carlsbad, CA) Etaluma is happy to announce the release of two new models of its LS Microscopes (Lumascopes), LS520 and LS420.  The LS520 is the new version of the LS500, which provides green fluorescence and monochrome brightfield and is phase contrast ready.  The LS420 is the new version of the LS400, which provides full color brightfield and is phase contrast ready.  Both new LS Microscopes have the improved Accessible Deck and use the company’s Olympus Phase Contrast Accessory.  The Accessible Deck has a removable insert for changing objectives and the Olympus Phase Accessory provides significantly better phase contrast than the previously used Motic system.  According to Chris Shumate, CEO of Etaluma, “The new Deck dramatically improves the ability to quickly change objectives in our lower priced LS Microscopes, matching this feature in our higher end 3-color LS620 Microscope.  Addition of the Olympus Phase Contrast capability now brings world class performance to our transmitted light modes on all models.  This also moves us to more common parts across our product line; look for more of this approach in the future.”

About Etaluma, Inc.

Etaluma’s fluorescence LS microscopes (Lumascopes) constitute a dramatic new concept in solid-state optics with high sensitivity, maximum resolution (near diffraction-limited), and zero pixel shift.  Power, control, and image capture occur via a USB connection to a PC and includes time-lapse and live videos.  Providing true next-gen microscopy, the compact, inverted design allow imaging in a wide range of labware and settings, including live cell imaging in incubators, hoods, and hypoxia chambers.  Etaluma newest product, the LS720, automates the LS620 3-color optical platform with an automated XY stage and autofocus, combining high resolution cell imaging with high content microscopy at an affordable price.

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